Posted by tac_admin, June 10, 2015

Business Analyst Roles—Conquer Them All


Business analysts wear so many different hats.

We’re problem solvers, critical thinkers, experts, communicators, and implementation facilitators all wrapped into one package.

And with those many roles in tow, it seems as if there is an ever-growing list of skillsets and responsibilities that business analysts have to juggle.

With no two projects being exactly alike and stakeholders giving contradictory requirements, we always have to be on our A-game.

Long story short, the frustration is real.

But you can become the highly skilled, solution-centric BA your boss and clients want you to be, without feeling the pain of having multiple responsibilities. There are 4 skills that will finally alleviate that frustration, and allow you to earn the respect and salary you deserve.

1. Learn the Communication Skills No One Teaches 

Communication equals leadership, but the problem is that no one teaches you how to focus your message and present yourself in a way that establishes you as an expert to your stakeholders. Luckily, I’ve developed the solution to the lack of communication-focused education.

2. Requirements Elicitation and Analysis

Requirements provide you with the steps to move forward on projects. Without a firm understanding between you, your team, and your stakeholders, you may find yourself with unsatisfactory results. To avoid project missteps that cost you time and cause frustration, learn effective requirements elicitation techniques.

3. Documentation

Your Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) will save your life. (No, that’s not too much of a stretch.) When you discover how to create perfect BRDs, you eliminate problems before they happen.

4. Solution Validation

At the end of the project, it’s you who designs and implements the solution, which means you’ll have to project the pending results of that solution. Click here to see how you can do that flawlessly.

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