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Anatomy of the Perfect Business Requirements Document

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Business requirements documents are maps to the successful completion of your project, but if there’s something not quite right about that A-to-Z document, then your ultimate solution might not be as comprehensive as you’d like it to be.

Business requirements documents (BRDs) are foundational for any project. As your compass that guides you forward in any waterfall or agile project, it’s important to make your BRD as streamlined as possible. That way, you don’t hit unnecessary snags or perform a lackluster job.

So what’s the anatomy of the ideal business requirements document? When you know the purpose behind a successful BRD, that’s when the details become more apparent.

Take note of the following “perfect BRD” criteria, so that you can make your job a little easier and earn more money doing what you love as a business analyst.

BRDs seek and achieve agreement among stakeholders.

There’s nothing more stressful than conflicting requirements among stakeholders. A solid BRD will seek to resolve conflicting requirements so the all the moving parts of your solution will be correct. 

BRDs provide a foundation to communicate across multiple audiences.

Communication is the kindling that keeps the fire going. Metaphors aside, you need solid communication skills, less something inevitably falls through the cracks. This is especially applicable as you convey vital information across multiple departments.

BRDs set the framework for future action steps.

Once your work is done, the solution will need to be implemented. Even though your goal is to create the easiest transition from struggle to success, end users will have to facilitate many of the changes.

BRDs vividly describe how the needs of customers and the business as a whole will be met.

Without this description, the big picture result is never complete. This description is part explanatory and part emotional. Describe not only how the solution works, but also how it makes life ten times easier for both the business and the market it serves.

Do your BRDs get the job done?

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