Teresa Bennett

The Analyst Coach, LLC

Teresa Bennett has been a successful Quality and Business Analyst for 20 years. She is now in high demand by project managers of Fortune 500 companies who ask for her to be assigned to their projects. Teresa is able to pick and choose her work, and earns a healthy six-figure salary doing what she loves.


Early in her career, because she knew a specific application inside and out, developers asked her to review changes to the program. She was bitten by the testing bug!

She later applied for a Software Testing position, though she lacked formal training and extensive experience. Her enthusiasm and enjoyment of the job naturally led her into performing Business Analysis during her role as a Software Tester.

Teresa’s road to success wasn’t always smooth. Because she fell into the roles of Software Tester and Business Analyst by accident, she had to learn on her own by trial and error.

Her two decades in testing and analysis included positions as a Quality Assurance Manager and a Business Analyst Supervisor. She has worked in a variety of industries, including energy delivery, financial services, banking, cable television and telecommunications.

As much as she enjoyed her work, after 15 years, she had not yet achieved the level of success she envisioned for herself. She was frustrated and struggling, not with the work she loved, but with her pay and job security. She knew she was capable of earning more and becoming indispensable to any company she worked with. She discovered the secrets to catapult her income into six figures while choosing only the positions that excited her.

As the founder of The Analyst Coach, she has developed a system to help you do the same, with certified analyst classes and proven strategies for becoming a Business Analyst. With her training, it is possible to attain lifetime job security and the ability to create a six-figure salary.

If Teresa had Business Analyst coaching and training 20 years ago, she would have saved time and stress while learning the ropes of business analysis and software testing. She offers her experience and expertise so you can reach the same level of success as quickly and easily as possible.


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