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User Story Breakdown – 5 Effective Analysis Approaches to Story Splitting

Learning how to story split is a skill that takes some time and practice to master, so don’t beat yourself up if you still find it to be more of a challenge than you thought. Once you get it though, you’ll see team metrics increase exponentially. The concept is simple – the more a team can accomplish the better they feel about themselves, the project, and the product they’re producing. Confidence is an indicator of morale. When morale is high, motivation comes naturally. Stories are ready for acceptance at an impressive pace. If you were to ask most agile teams, […]


Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…How Does Your Garden Grow?

  What this line from a Mother Goose Nursery rhyme can teach us about negative communication skills There are different interpretations of this Mother Goose Nursery rhyme, none of which applies to business analysis. Therefore, I am not interested in the historic meaning of the poem or any of the remaining text, which also has no correlation to business analysis. However, I’d like to focus on the first line as it relates to communication skills and social behavior in the workplace. When I was a kid, maybe around three or four years old, I went through the typical obtuse stage […]


Are You a Lightweight BA?

10 Valuable Underutilized Analysis Tools to Improve your Analytical Standing + Five More to Consider The term ‘lightweight’ when not describing a professional boxer or down comforter, usually comes with negative connotations. It implies lack of substance or ability, one-dimensional importance or a category positioned below another. Commonly used to describe a person of little influence, inept politicians or less than stellar skill sets by an otherwise qualified individual, ‘lightweights’ are often found on the losing end of a competitive fight. We know the role of a business analyst is to perform a set of tasks to gain understanding of […]


Top Ten Ways to Guarantee Failure in Requirements Sessions

Top Ten Ways to Guarantee Failure in Requirements Sessions Use these bad listening habits to guarantee an unsuccessful meeting, after which you’ll walk away with little to no helpful information – not to mention the wasted time for everyone who attended the meeting. 1.       Interrupt stakeholders If what you have to say is so important that it just can’t wait, go ahead – interrupt the person who is speaking. For maximum failure, interrupt a stakeholder or a SME. You’ll succeed in showing your disrespect – to the person who is speaking as well as those who are trying to listen. […]


BA Agility & Adaptability: It’s All About Trust

Transitioning to Agile can be scary…but you can do it! As a BA, when you first join an Agile team, there may be an element of fear associated with letting go of familiar, traditional BA processes and activities. This usually stems from a ‘fish out of water’ feeling, or as some put it – ‘working without a net’. It’s hard to let go of 72-page BRDs, FSDs and multi-tabbed spreadsheets containing everything we think we need to know about a project. Without these artifacts, it can feel as though we’re on a steep staircase that has no banister, or riding […]


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