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What Makes a BA a Senior Business Analyst?

What Makes a BA a Senior Business Analyst? The journey to becoming a business analyst is different for everyone. There is no single education, experience, or career route that says “ok, now you are ready to be a business analyst”. There are traits that separate a junior BA, from a mid-level BA, from a senior BA. There comes a point in their career that the senior BA exhibits confidence, understanding of context, and critical thinking that separates them from junior and mid-level BAs. These traits are what separates a BA that ‘gets it’ from someone that needs direction in order to get it. A business analyst that is able to confidently make […]


Use Mirroring to Connect With Others

Mirroring is a technique we cover in our IIBA endorsed Mastering Business Analysis with Waterfall and Agile Methods course. In the training course we’re talking about mirroring the words of the other person, but Sue Shellenbarger tells us in the below article that we should also mirror their gestures and even their posture – and that we’re probably already doing it without even realizing it. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think taking the mirroring technique to this level in requirements session will help you get better quality requirements? Use Mirroring to Connect With Others Adopting the same […]


Business Analyst Job Information

I love that this article from National Career Services mentions “tact, diplomacy and good negotiating skills” as something necessary for business analysts. Communication skills are hands down the most important skills in your toolbox and I think too many people are lacking in this area – and I don’t think traditional education emphasizes it enough. I think that’s one reason the IIBA is so important. The IIBA gives you access to endorsed education providers that focus on courses and training specific to business analysis skills and careers. Here’s what they had to say about the BA career: Work activities. As […]


Gathering Business Requirements Demystified

I have worked in IT for more than 20 years and at the beginning of my career, there really wasn’t a defined business analysis role. Once it became a defined role, we were taught to “gather” requirements. This word is out of sync with what we do today as business analysts. However, there are many companies still using this term in their job descriptions and recruiters still using it in their search for the best candidates. Business analysts may still need to use this term when job hunting, but when it comes to interviews and doing our jobs, we need […]


Leading Change in Business Analysis: Part II

  In my last business analysis blog, I detailed Harvard Professor John Kotter’s process for completing successful projects. In case you missed it, read the first installment before you continue learning this simple but powerful business analyst tool. By now, you’ve already learned how to build a coalition of the willing—industry leaders and stakeholders who help everyone else get on board with your project initiatives. Now it’s time to take that one step further. In the final steps, you will discover how you can easily satisfy all stakeholders. But there’s something more at stake—the trajectory of your business analyst career. […]



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